About our current project, and the start up.



Valholo was founded by myself, Jake Adams. The main objective of Valholo is to promote creative entertainment and “real world”(i.e. medical, data) application of immersive technology by supporting and selling products by Independent digital artists from around the world. Immersive technology includes, but is not limited to, virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, PC games/video, and now, holographic applications (Looking Glass Display). Initially the Valholo website was entitled Holo Comix, but after deliberation, the decision was made to jump right into my ultimate goal, which is to build a platform for all five immersive technologies. The Valholo platform will still house interactive books that Holo Comix intended to sell. In conjunction, A small piece of our sales derived from our VR, MR, AR, PC and Holographic products/customer subscriptions will be donated to cancer and pain management research. A brief overview of our start-up can be found HERE . While realizing that all immersive media is paramount, we truly believe that the future is in holographic display, and we will gradually focus on that as holographic media becomes more relevant. No more black bricks(VR) need to be strapped to our faces in order to gain an immersive experience. Join us as we reel in the holographic future of media and corner the growing market before it’s too late.

The Team:

  • Jake Adams- Founder (Game design, concept art, and software production)

  • Genevieve Hauck- Co-founder (Business strategist, marketing specialist)

  • Optimal Virtual- Team of dedicated programmers! (PHP, MYSQL, etc…)

Note about the name: Valholo, stems from Valhalla, embodied within Norse mythology as the hall of the slain. Norse mythology believes that the universe is split into nine realms. Being that Valholo utilizes five realms of immersion, the name fit, albeit only five realms…


Until the database is complete, the desktop application is finished and more inventory becomes available, our site is hosting a single project called, Maldacena: A Mirror For The Real, which will be the first digital product on Valholo. It will also be the first holographic comic book ever created. The name for the project stems from Astrophysics. A gentleman by the name of Juan Maldacena completed a theory of the universe that outlines the best version of the Holographic Principle.

Maldacena: A Mirror For The Real embodies many digital facets of immersion and flow tactics commonly found in contemporary video games (Explanation found here: Immersion/flow psychology). Maldacena: A Mirror For The Real, will study these facets through an interactive holo-comic. Utilizing these structural aspects in any medium, be it physical or otherwise, is a powerful tool. Research has proven that deep immersion has eliminated up to 30% of pain in cancer patients as well as had a positive effect on serotonin levels in depressed patients (Immersion research). When the holo-comic is finished and research begins at the Royal Hospital of Sick Children, Maldacena: A Mirror For The Real will utilize these facets in the real world, and as such, will become a new genre of personal immersion.

Invoking this powerful disembodiment (flow psychology) in my interactive creation is a challenge, but even if the result is small, it is still one step further toward a beneficial and entertaining digital product of the future. With that said, the Maldacena project isn’t the average VR or AR comic. This digital alternative to comics will be created using the Unity Game Engine, the Leap Motion SDK, HoloPlay SDK (links explain Unity and what an SDK is) and a holographic display (Looking Glass), hence the name Holo-Comic. Hopefully my endeavors in creating this new genre within volumetric light field display and the comic book industry, will open new doors for future creators and researchers alike. It will be finished in August, where by, Valholo can finally say, “We have made the first digital holographic comic book!”. In the mean time, look on the sites blog for weekly updates, videos, research and progress reports about the project and the Valholo start-up.


At present, I am a MSc in Design and Digital Media student at the University of Edinburgh, my name is Jake Adams, and I was born in Rochester, New York. Prior to Edinburgh, I worked many jobs, ranging from UPS driver to Applesauce assembly line worker… The applesauce was good to eat, but not worth the pay, So I decided to go back to school, hence my current location. In addition, they didn’t like that I kept eating the applesauce.

Further back in my short history, I was enrolled with full scholarship at the Maryland Institute College of Art and after a two year break due to personal trials and tribulations, I overcame those obstacles and graduated top of my class with a Bachelors in Fine Art. Immediately after, I worked in the New York City fine arts industry as an artist assistant to Michael Zelehoski. I was also an art handler for Ethan Cohen Fine arts (The man who found Ai WeiWei). In tangent to that, I was a gallery attendant at the DIA:Beacon Art Gallery in Beacon, NY. Throughout all of my ventures and career orientations I always kept my studio practice. The studio not only embodied my own artwork endeavors, but those of my students as well. Teaching and research has always been an additional love of mine, and therefore it always paired with the many studio spaces I’ve owned over the past seven years. The sanctuary of my studio has always been there for me, and will forever be there, even if its edifice doesn’t have a physical location. Whether I am painting on a canvas, or creating a video game, my passion for the arts, digital or otherwise, will never falter. As a result, following this degree, I hope to transform my practice into business, and make Valholo my newest fervor of creation.